Beren Capital Management

The idea for Beren Capital Management germinated in the 1980’s.
Since November of 2012, when the Corporation was formed, BCM has actively searched for commercial real estate in Texas. The Director/ Managing Partner is Michael Beren.
The main contributing advisor to the firm is Director Andrew Shepard. Together, they make a great team to decide about locations of property to be acquired, financial evaluation and daily operations. The Investments made have proven successful and profitable.

C. Michael Beren, Partner/Managing Director

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Michael Beren, Partner/Managing Director

Beren Capital Management is owned and managed by Michael Beren. Mr. Beren has commercial real estate investment experience as the current owner of commercial and industrial property, as well as land, in Texas and Louisiana. In addition, Mr. Beren owns several tenant occupied single family resident and condominiums. In November, 2013 , BCM closed on a 79 Unit Apartment Property in D/FW. The property was repaired and rehabbed which was funded by proceeds from the Bank loan. Mr. Beren also has success at turning around small businesses for a large gain. Most recently, Mr. Beren owned and managed a small business that yielded him an IRR over 30% for a Ten year hold period, so he is excellent at recognizing value and maximizing the return on his investment. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures Mr. Beren worked for seven years in relationship management at Fidelity Investments. Mr. Beren's education is a B.R.S. degree of Divinity from Rabbinical College of America, Morristown, New Jersey; after two years of study at the University of Texas.

Andrew Shepard, Director

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Andrew Shepard, Director

Mr. Shepard is a seasoned real estate professional having spent more than eight years working with both commercial and residential real estate. Prior to Beren Capital Management, Mr. Shepard worked as a securities analyst in the mortgage backed securities market, a commercial lender on commercial properties including, multifamily, retail centers, and office complexes. Mr. Shepard also worked in budget development for the corporate finance department of a mortgage company originating more than one billion dollars a month. Mr. Shepard is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics.

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